Friday, March 9, 2012

Who is "Kony 2012", Really??

 So here is the video that started it all, watch it if you havent already. (if you have skip it and read on)

It seems the whole world is suddenly united behind the "Kony 2012 movement.  But wait a minute?  Wasn’t that just a little too fast?
Come on Guys!!!! before you jump on the bandwagon, question it first!!!!!!

What is everyone all the sudden following and spreading????

It worries me just a bit when i look at my facebook and see everyone supporting and going along with this "Kony Movement". Yet no one has asked if this is even real or some scam.
Hey i get it, i saw the video too! it was a very moving, tear jerking, & inspirational. But 'NOT EVERYTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS, REMEMBER" Just because something looks good on the outside doesnt mean it is. 
Now im not a  religious person, but there's a very famous quote in the bible that says " "Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolve" 

Im not going to sit here and say that this is all 100% BS, But at least look at both sides of road before you choose a path.

There might be way more to this then you can even begin to understand. So at least educate yourself before you give power & support to to a certain movement. 
OK so here is what iv gathered so far to what else this whole movement could be about.

 Is this all even real??  Is this part of the "2012 awakening/higher consciousness shift"... Or.. is this the part of the New World Order plan to make "all nations unite against a common cause"?

Most "conspiracy theorists" expected them to fake an alien invasion to unite the nations, but what if this is their way of doing it instead?

Of course, if you tell this to anyone supporting the movement - which is about 50% of my friends on facebook - they for one, won't know what you're talking about - since they don't know much about NWO, and two, they'll think your a complete asshole. I can already see it... "So your saying we shouldn't capture a mass murderer killing children in Africa?!!? What the f*&k!?" 

What a better way for the global elite to bring about a one world, totalitarian government?

"We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order"
- David Rockefeller


What if this is done to ruin Ron Paul? They already tried to block him on the media, and they already tried to make him look racist.

Think about it.

Ron Paul is against going into other countries.. His policy is to mind our own business.. This KONY campaign will get everyone in America to want to go after KONY, yet it would be against Ron Paul's foreign policy to go into Africa and get him, so they're basically trapping Ron Paul. They either make him look like a bad guy for not wanting to go in and capture the guy -- or they make him look like he can't stick to his policies.

Of course, with social media like Facebook and Twitter, it certainly is possible for a movement to explode like this.  But then again: it’s also possible that our government—up to its usual tricks—is at it again…

Just think about every military intervention over the past few decades, and you’ll be reminded about the shady fact that elements within the United States government have used all sorts of tricks to convince the American people to support war.  

Hey im all for our government doing whatever it takes to protect us and get ahead, but is this whats really going on??

And is us getting involved in "foreign policies" again the best idea right now???

Seems like we have so much going on here. I mean dont we have serial killers here in the US, or raspiest walking around, or even poverty that we should handle first???
Why are we not dealing with our own issues, yet feel its ok to go to other countries and create peace there, why are we not creating a movement that can fix us here first????

Something else that is weird, so they want to do this thing on April 20th......hmmmm
4:20.......Well besides it being the "get high day" theres more meaning to this day

If you remember Columbine......well yes it happened on 4.20, why? That date has been associated with evil since  Hitlers was born on 4.20 some believe.

(who by the way started the with same.
getting his country to unite for a greater good, acting like a great leader, getting people to trust and follow him, in the meantime, he was really  planning on taking over the world & destroying anyone in his way)

Watch more and judge for yourself


More weird stuff

If you look at this picture at first glance it looks like an innocent Support KONY 2012 Poster, but something about the image on the left struck a chord with me. It was only until I zoomed in on just the image on the left that it blew my mind. I said to myself, how the heck is this relevant to what's going on.

I've done some investigating on the internet and it seems that this poster is very real. And also somewhat scary. Notice the Illuminati, one-eye imagery. I think that says it all. 

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